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The Occasion and Design of this Work
Of the Country of Siam

I. Its Geographical Description. 3
II. A Continuation of the Geographical Description of the Kingdom of Siam, with an account of its Metropolis. 6
III. Concerning the History and Origins of the Siamese. 8
IV. Of the Productions of Siam, and first of the Woods. 11
V. Concerning the Mines of Siam. 13
VI. Of the Cultivated Lands, and their Fertility. 15
VII. Of the Grain of Siam. 17
VIII. Of the Husbandry, and the differences of the Seasons. 18
IX. Of the Gardens of the Siamese, and occasionally of their Liquors. 20

Of the Manners of the Siamese in general.

I. Of the Habit and Meen of the Siamese. 25
II. Of the Houses of the Siamese, and of their Architecture in Public Buildings. 29
III. Of the Furniture of the Siamese. 34
IV. Concerning the Table of the Siamese. 35
V. Concerning the Carriages, and Equipage of the Siameses in general. 39
VI. Concerning the Shows, and other Diversions of the Siamese. 44
VII. Concerning the Marriage and Divorce of the Siamese. 51
VIII. Of the Education of the Siamese Children, and first of Their Civility. 54
IX. Of the studies of the Siamese. 58
X. What the Siamese do know in Medicine and Chymistry. 62
XI. What the Siamese do know of the Mathematicks. 64
XII. Concerning Musick, and the Exercises of the Body. 68
XIII. Of the Arts exercised by the Siamese. 69
XIV. Of the Traffick among the Siamese. 71
XV. A Character of the Siamese in general. 73

Of the Manners of the Siamese according to their several Conditions.
I. Of the several Conditions among the Siamese. 77
II. Of the Siamese People. 78
III. Of the Officers of the Kingdom of Siam in general. 80
IV. Concerning the Office of the Judicatory. 82
V. Of the Judiciary file or form of Pleading. 85
VI. The Functions of Governor and Judge in the Metropolis. 88
VII. Of the State Officers, and particularly of the Tchacry, Calla-hom, and of the General of the Elephants. 89
VIII. Concerning the Art of War among the Siamese, and of their Forces by Sea and Land. 90
IX. Of the Barcalon and the Revenues. 93
X. Of the Royal Seal, and of the Maha Oborat. 95
XI. Of the Palace, and of the King of Siam’s Guard. 96
XII. Of the Officers which nearest approach the King of Siam’s Person. 99
XIII. Of the Women of the Palace, and of the Officers of the Wardrobe. 100
XIV. Of the Customs of the Court of Siam,and of the Policy of its King. 102
XV. Concerning the form of Embassies at Siam. 108
XVI. Of the Forreigners of different Nations, fled to and settled at Siam. 112
XVII. Of the Talapoins, and their Convents. 113
XVIII. Of the Election of the Superior, and of the Reception of the Talapoins and Talapoinesses. 118
XIX. Concerning the Doctrine of the Talapoins. 119
XX. Of the Burials of the Chinese and Siamese. 122
XXI. Of the Principles of the Indian Moral Law. 126
XXII. Of the Supreme Felicity, and extreme Infelicity amongst the Siamese. 128
XXIII. Concerning the Origin of the Talapoins, and of their Opinions. 130
XXIV. Of the fabulous Stories which the Talapoins and their Brethren have framed on their Doctrine. 135
XXV. Diverse Observations to be made in Preaching the Gospel to the Orientals. 140

TOME II. A Description of the Principal Fruits of Siam

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